Plumber's Guide: The UBI AQUA Wastewater System's Top Features

Plumber’s Guide: The UBI AQUA Wastewater System’s Top Features
June 8, 2018 UbiAqua

Installing a wastewater treatment system has never been easier for a plumber.

The Ubi Aqua wastewater system is designed to make installation efficient, affordable and stress-free. You’ll enjoy working with the product, and your customers will love how quick the turnaround is from purchase to use. Not to mention the Ubi Aqua’s superior features, which make everyone’s lives simpler. Read on to find out why becoming a registered Ubi Aqua installer is worth it.

Easy To Install

Removes the need for heavy machinery

The Ubi Aqua weighs only 695 kg; so much lighter than concrete sewage tanks! This means that it can be transported by most general access trucks. It still requires a crane or mini excavator to lift it into the ground, but one with much lighter weight restrictions. As a result, finding machinery to transport and install the Ubi Aqua is stress-free and straightforward, as it doesn’t require specialist equipment.

No tricky assembling

Because the Ubi Aqua is made out of low-density polyethene that has been strategically roto-moulded, it comes in one single piece, ready to install. Say goodbye to lost time spent assembling pieces and impatient customers wondering when the product will be ready for use.

Plumber's Guide: The UBI AQUA wastewater system's top features

Quick turnaround appreciated

The lightweight, simple design of the Ubi Aqua cuts the installation process time in half. From the moment of purchase, transportation can begin to be arranged for the Ubi Aqua. Because the structure is so light, there’s also much better access to couriering options. The simplicity of the product means that there are rarely ever delays in the installation of the Ubi Aqua, as it’s so easy for a plumber to connect. Put quite simply, you have to jump through less hoops to get it up and working. Customers realise and appreciate this, as their wastewater system is ready for use in record time.

Customers Love It

Large Capacity

The Ubi Aqua 6000L Wastewater Treatment System is made to handle everything a large rural homes that cannot connect to the main local sewage system requires. It is suitable for household’s of up 11 people, with a capacity of 6000L. It can process 2000L of wastewater a day! It can also handle ‘shock loads’ when extra people come to stay. This takes the stress off homeowners when hosting parties, events or guests at their house. No more worrying if the sewage system will be able to handle the increased usage!

Not an eyesore

Another reason why customers choose the Ubi Aqua over other wastewater treatment systems is that it’s discreet and tidy. The only part of the structure that you can see above ground is the lid. Unsightly sewage tanks can block million-dollar views and disrupt the tranquillity of the environment. The Ubi Aqua is designed with a homeowner’s pride in mind.

lumber's Guide: The UBI AQUA wastewater system's top features

Better for everyone

Safer for the environment

The Ubi Aqua produces high-quality effluent. This is achieved through a number of factors carefully considered in its design. Global has created the longest possible flow path for the wastewater to follow. This results in increased separation of particulate matter and less suspended solids. The Ubi Aqua maintains thorough treatment procedures so that the final product is water low in nutrient and suspended solids that can be used in gardens and lawns.

Limited maintenance required

The Ubi Aqua is efficient in design so that limited maintenance needs to be carried out on it. Easy access is provided to the blower and controller on the lid, and the Ubi Aqua is compatible with industry standard pumps and blowers such as Davey sump pumps and Nitto. This makes replacing these parts convenient when the time comes. The baffle system that is supplied with the Ubi Aqua; the cleverly designed Bio Balls, also keeps everything moving in the chamber, improving efficiency and decreasing the need for maintenance.

Plumber's Guide: The UBI AQUA wastewater system's top features

Plumbers can become registered Ubi Aqua installers

Interested in becoming a registered Ubi Aqua Installer? The Ubi Aqua is approved in all states in Australia and meets extremely high standards of production. Installing an Ubi Aqua wastewater treatment system is a breeze for plumbers, compared to the back-breaking work of connecting a similar concrete system. And best of all, your customers will thank you for the ease with which you can manage it! Contact Global today to find out how you can become a registered Ubi Aqua installer.

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