Waste Water Treatment System

A world-class wastewater treatment system.

The Ubi Aqua comes ready to be installed, as one complete unit. Installed by a Global accredited installer, it’s the only wastewater treatment system to be unobtrusive and barely discernible in the garden.

Designed for performance

Only the Ubi Aqua packs advanced engineering and discreet design to create a system both environmentally-friendly and perfect for Australian homes and businesses.

The Ubi Aqua 6000L MkII is structurally-engineered and designed to ensure product durability and longevity. Made from one shot of polyethylene it is protected from the risk of leakage. It is seamless, will not rust or corrode over time, and is resistant to chemicals used in sewerage systems. The system consists of a tank with 4 chambers: a primary aeration chamber, settling chamber and a pump out chamber, all contained in the main tank (6000L). The Ubi Aqua MkII 6000 Litre is a system designed to operate up to 8 people and will treat up to 1200 Litres of waste every day. The Ubi Aqua 6000L MkII is an on-site domestic wastewater treatment units – Secondary treatment system it is a certified Product to AS 1546.3:2017

Ubi Aqua Features Infographic

Environmentally-friendly, high-quality water produced for reuse.

Oxygen-rich water for reuse in gardens and lawns.

Easy servicing by authorised Global Service Technicians.

Ubi Aqua Tank

Design Matters

It’s why we made the Ubi Aqua to be barely discernible in the garden. In fact, it’s the only wastewater treatment system you don’t have to worry about hiding, and that’s better for everyone.

Comes completely assembled.

Lightweight single tank that is easy to install.

Approved with a number of stringent State requirements.

Easier to install

The Ubi Aqua is one complete unit, ready to be installed by an accredited installer. It really couldn’t be easier – we designed it that way.

6000ltr Ubi Aqua Tank wireframe

One unit construction.

Lifting lugs to assist in craning Ubi Aqua into place.

No expensive assembly costs.

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How UBI AQUA Waste Water Treatment Works

Wastewater Treatment Systems are individual systems that use the soil to dispose of small wastewater flows. They are ideal for individual homes, and are typically well-suited for rural or large lot settings where centralised sewage treatment is impractical.
The Ubi Aqua Waste Water treatment system treats your household wastewater by temporarily holding it in the water treatment tank, where heavy solids and lighter scum are allowed to separate from the wastewater.

The first compartment is a settling chamber, where solids and liquids separate, and some anaerobic digestion occurs. From here, the effluent passes through the aeration chamber. A pump supplying a constant flow of air oxygenates the water, creating optimum conditions for the decomposition of organic compounds.

The third compartment allows further removal of particulate matter and disinfection before the effluent leaves the unit. After spending time in the chlorination/disinfection chamber, the treated effluent is pumped through irrigation lines to the disposal area as per required design. This effluent then slowly seeps into the subsurface soil where it is further treated. This process, in a properly functioning water treatment system, does not pollute the groundwater.

Landscaping And Irrigation Considerations

How the area around a Ubi Aqua water treatment system is managed is just as important as how the system itself is maintained. Planning and planting the right kind of vegetation can help keep the system in tip top condition. When choosing what to plant, consider which plants will do best in the local soil type, also considering which ones can cope best with regular daily doses of nutrient-rich wastewater.


Ubi Aqua system is back with a 15-year warranty on the tank, 2 years on the Davey Pump and 1 year on the diffuser.

Warranty for Water Treatment System

Warranty for Septic and RW undergrounds tanks