manufacturers of UBI AQUA


UBI Aqua is an Aerated Water Treatment System developed and manufactured by Global Roto-Moulding.

The World Class Standard Of Excellence Encompasses Everything We Do.

The company’s owners and directors, Lester and Howard Ferry, are leaders in innovation. They have approximately 40 years combined roto moulding industry experience and have successfully brought many new products to market.

Working with them to design the UBI AQUA 6000L is Ray Ferry, who is a specialist in water treatment and septic systems. Ray is a registered plumber with over 38 years of industry experience and has worked tirelessly with renowned product developer, Trymak Engineering, in the development and design of the UBI AQUA. They have produced the best, environmentally sensitive system available, which also meets the AS/NZS 1546.3.2008 and AS/NZS 1546.1.2008.

World Class Designers

Global has a team of loyal employees who strive to produce quality products. This dedicated team is the key to ensuring Global’s high-quality production and systems are maintained. Global has had ISO 9001 certification since 2004 and this Certification forms the backbone of our business.

The ISO 9001 standard is integrated into all of our processes. It allows us to be consistent and efficient in our business and manufacturing practice, and informs our customers of the standards at which our company operates. Quality and reliability are important to Global, which is why our UBI AQUA and septic systems have product certification to the relevant AS/NZS 1546.

World Class Production

The company operates from two sites: one based in Irymple, Victoria; and another in Helidon, Queensland, allowing us to effortlessly service the Eastern seaboard.

Global has recently undergone significant expansion to include the latest technology in machinery and facilities at both sites, ensuring efficiency and long-term viability with high production capacity and robotic technologies.

Global’s Core Values


  • Deal with quality concerns.
  • Do the right thing.
  • Act decisively.
  • Take responsibility for our actions.


  • Mould plastic beyond the obvious.
  • Solve problems creatively.
  • Apply our talents in new ways.
  • Delight our customers.


  • Invites customers to work closely with us.
  • Encourages collaboration and enhanced decision making.
  • Collectively our efforts compel us to ensure operational excellence ensuring quality products and service.

ISO9001:2015 forms the back bone of all business processes ensuring excellence and quality.

To achieve the highest quality products consistently, Global has implemented a quality control process for all products.

Global prides itself on imperative functional designing.  Global products are built to last in the Australian environment.

Finite Element Analysis Badge

All domestic wastewater systems are designed using the latest CAD and FEA software to ensure long term structural strength.

Global chooses to use UV 20 Stabilised Polyethylene which is tough for harsh Australian conditions

Thickness Testing Badge

On all underground products Global conducts a series of thickness tests to ensure that the products confirm to specifications.