Alternatives to old-fashioned septic tanks

Alternatives to old-fashioned septic tanks
November 2, 2018 UbiAqua

If you haven’t had to buy a septic tank for a while, you might be surprised how far the technology has come.

In the past, a large and smelly concrete septic tank was your go-to solution. Today, with increasing water quality regulations and high consumer demands, you have much better products to choose from.

The modern plastic septic tank

Plastic tanks are the future.

Advances in design and technology mean you can have a market-leading septic tank delivered to most places in Australia, delivered and installed by just a small group of experts.

It’s fast, it’s affordable, and they do the job better than any old concrete septic tank.

Concrete isn’t all its made out to be. It’s susceptible to cracks and corrosion, which in turn leads to the possibility of untreated sewage leaking into the groundwater. Plastic septic tanks, built using a method call rotomoulding, have no joints to place pressure on, meaning that they’re crack resistant and incredibly durable. They’re also much lighter than concrete, which makes installation less costly and more convenient.

Upgrade to a Wastewater System for high-quality, reusable water.

Every household can now have high-quality reusable water with a wastewater treatment system. And it is far more affordable than you may think!

Wastewater treatment systems do everything large households need them to do. Plus they provide oxygen-rich water for reuse in your gardens and lawn. The best products, like the Ubi Aqua 6000L wastewater treatment system, are easy to transport and install.

Ubi Aqua Wastewater Treatment System

The ultimate in home sewage products is the Ubi Aqua range. The 6000L wastewater treatment system can easily handle an 11 person household as well as shock loads when the family visit.

At Global, we back all our tanks with a 15-year warranty. And it’s all contained within one complete unit, which can be delivered and installed with just a couple of people. It’s designed to be very discreet, so if you’re worried about it being an eyesore on your property, this is the product for you.

For more information, check out the Ubi Aqua system, or get in touch with us now.

Ubi Aqua is the latest poly plastic wastewater treatment system designed and manufactured by Global Rotomoulding. It’s approved to meet stringent state requirements and is incredibly easy to install and maintain. Contact Ubi Aqua today to find out more about this durable and affordable product!