UbiAqua: The super-efficient wastewater treatment system that’s easier to install

UbiAqua: The super-efficient wastewater treatment system that’s easier to install
June 13, 2018 UbiAqua

Global Tank’s award-winning plastic design team have just released their brand new, super-efficient wastewater treatment system that’s easy to install, even for the most rural properties.

The UbiAqua Waste-Water Treatment System is the absolute latest in wastewater treatment design – a simple and low-maintenance treatment system that produces outstanding results. Global Tanks have undeniably hit another homerun with this new product that outperforms even their highest expectations, in a package that plumbers and homeowners alike will love.

Quick Facts:

  • UbiAqua exceeds Australian Standards AS 1547:2000.
  • 6000L capacity suitable for up to 11 equivalent person household.
  • Designed to handle ‘shock loads’ of extended high usage.
  • Weighs an Impressively light 695 kg for the entire system.
  • Extensively tested to be reliable and durable.
  • Works with industry standard pumps and blowers.
  • Available in every Australia states.

Improving installation of wastewater treatment systems.

If you’re sick of installing back-breaking concrete treatment plants or forking out big cash on crane hire, the UbiAqua Waste-Water Treatment System is for you.

Any regional plumber knows the cost for transporting, installing, and maintaining typical wastewater treatment systems. It quickly becomes expensive the further inland you travel. And both regional and coastal plumbers usually have to hire extra equipment to install treatment systems.

The UbiAqua Waste-Water Treatment System’s polyethylene design is comparatively lighter than any concrete wastewater treatment system. This lightness makes it cheaper to transport and install. Its elegant yet simple design is completely fresh. Not to mention, it also provides a new level of performance. Now there is a safer, complete treatment system available for every home in Australia, no matter where you live.

Innovative design yields outstanding results.

Improved water flow

The flow of water entering the UbiAqua Waste-Water Treatment System is carried along the longest possible path. As there’s more separation of particulate matter and less suspended solids that make their way through the tank, effluent quality is at its highest. This makes your home and local environment safer for everyone.

Bio balls improve efficiency.

All-new Bio Balls repeatedly rise to the surface of the tank around the fine central bubble column, before plunging to the bottom through the food rich effluent. This clever design keeps everything moving inside for improved efficiency that’s better for the environment and makes for less maintenance of the entire treatment system.

Designed for extended heavy use

Large size and clever design make the UbiAqua Waste-Water Treatment System suitable for large homes. It’s also designed purposefully for ‘shock loads’ for extended periods. Never worry again about whether or not your system will handle high loads, no matter how many people come round, or how long they stay.

Total Capacity to Meet Your Needs

Easy to install.

The UbiAqua Waste-Water Treatment System weighs in at just 675 kilograms which makes it relatively light compared to concrete treatment systems. With less work, and no more equipment than the excavator that digs the hole, the UbiAqua Waste-Water Treatment System will save you time and money on every installation.

Easy to maintain

If there’s ever a product you want to maintain less, it’s a wastewater treatment system. The simple and elegant design of UbiAqua Waste-Water Treatment System means maintenance is quick and easy.

Works with industry products

The UbiAqua Waste-Water Treatment System has been extensively tested for over two and a half years and proven to be extremely durable with industry standard pumps and air blowers, including Davey Sump Pumps and Nitto. This means that you can confidently combine your favourite brands and products with your system.

The UbiAqua Waste-Water Treatment System is available now in all states.

To receive a free phone consultation about supplying the UbiAqua Waste-Water Treatment Systems, call Global Tanks now on 07 4697 7099 or use the inquiry form below.