The one-piece, easier to install, aerated wastewater treatment system (AWTS)

The one-piece, easier to install, aerated wastewater treatment system (AWTS)
June 8, 2018 UbiAqua

Are you looking for a wastewater treatment system but don’t want the fuss that comes with a complex model? A system that’s also easy to install and doesn’t look obtrusive?

The Ubi Aqua 6000 litre aerated wastewater treatment system combines advanced engineering and discreet design into one system, making it the perfect choice for both homes and businesses. This incredibly designed system is also made with simplicity in mind so you’ll spend less time and money on installation.

A discreet design

Looking at it, you’d hardly know how technologically advanced the Ubi Aqua aerated wastewater treatment system is. In fact, it was made that way! The team at Ubi Aqua designed the system to be an unobtrusive model which blends into the natural landscape, so you don’t even know it’s there.

Easier to install

The Ubi Aqua aerated wastewater treatment system was made with all aspects considered, including installation. Where other companies may skip over the ease of installation during design, Ubi Aqua didn’t. The system comes with one complete unit and really couldn’t be easier to install. All you need is an accredited installer and a customer who is eager to change to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. That means no expensive assembly costs and no wasted time on the job putting it all together.

Performance is key

Design and ease of use is one thing, but superior performance is another. The good news is Ubi Aqua knows quality, that’s why they’ve ensured you only get the best with the 6000 litre wastewater treatment system. Made from one shot of polyethylene it is structurally-engineered and designed to ensure durability and longevity. The seam-free design, also means the system is protected from leakage, is resistant to chemicals used in sewage systems and won’t corrode over time.

How it works

The Ubi Aqua 6000 litre is built with four separate chambers. Firstly, solids and liquids are separated in a settling chamber before being passed through to an aeration chamber. In the aeration chamber, a pump supplies a constant flow of air and oxygenates the water. This creates optimum conditions for the decomposition of organic compounds. The third chamber then enables the removal of particulate matter and disinfection. After the effluent has made its way through the chlorination and disinfection chamber, it is pumped through irrigation lines to the disposal area, here it slowly seeps into the subsurface soil where it is further treated. This process ensures it does not pollute the groundwater. Put simply; the system treats wastewater by temporarily holding it in the water treatment tank, where it is treated and disperses it, ready to be used on lawns and gardens.

The 6000 litre Ubi Aqua is designed to operate up to 11 people, treating up to 2000 litres of waste every day. It is approved and follows the requirements of all strict state regulations throughout Australia.

The Ubi Aqua 6000 litre aerated wastewater treatment system is backed with a 15-year warranty on the tank, two years on the Davey Pump and one year on the diffuser

If you want an easy to install water water system which has a discreet design with ensured quality and performance, you cannot go past the Ubi Aqua 6000 litre system. Contact us for more information today.

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