How to Tell if your Property Has a Septic Tank System

How to Tell if your Property Has a Septic Tank System
August 24, 2020 UbiAqua

Have you recently moved to a new property and are unsure of the sewerage system that’s there? It’s critical to understand what type of sewerage system is on your property to make sure that it remains effective and receives proper upkeep. Septic tank systems require specific maintenance, so it’s important to know the location of yours on your property so proper maintenance can be undertaken. Read on to learn how to check if your property has a septic tank system:

Check your rates

The easiest way to tell if you’ve got a septic tank system on your property is to quickly check your council rates notice. If there are charges on your rates notice for deep sewerage or sewerage pumping, chances are you’ve got a septic tank.

Check with your council

In Australia, councils will have a map of sewerage systems on their records. This includes septic tanks and deep sewerage systems. This information will allow you to discover not only if you have a septic tank system on your property, but also where it is on the property and the location of any connecting systems or pipes.

Locate it on your property

Alternatively, you can physically search for a septic tank on your property. There are a couple of things to look out for to identify your septic tank system. Firstly, looking for an unnatural mound or small hill on your land will be a key indicator as to where your septic tank is located. This mound would most likely be over the leach field for the septic tank.

Searching for a metal lid or hatch on your property will also be an obvious indicator of a septic tank system on the property. To make this easier for you, don’t bother looking under any existing structures, up close to the house or right on property boundaries. Look for the septic tank system in more open spaces that are also clear of any heavy vegetation.

Installing a new septic tank system

If you have located your septic tank system and discovered that it’s in need of repair, urgent maintenance or even replacement, it’s important to get the tank seen to immediately before it poses any possible problems for your property or even an adjoining property. Furthermore, the installation of a new septic tank system and maintenance of these systems should always be done by professionals.

There are rules and regulations for installing septic tanks on properties, and these do vary from state to state so be sure to check with local authorities before upgrading or replacing your septic tank system. These rules often include placement of the tank, clearance from buildings, property boundaries and other sources of water. Again, the installation and maintenance of a septic tank system is best left to the professionals.

Ubi Aqua is a leading provider of septic tanks that are specifically designed to minimise the impact on your view and maximise practicality and functionality. For more information on how to locate, maintain or replace your septic tank system, reach out to us today.


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